Cado – “Say Sumthin”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Boston’s Cado is back with new single, “Say Sumthin”. Always addictive, the rapper and producer duo hit hard with angelic and cinematic samples that break apart — a rhythmic punctuation — making the track indefinitely interesting. The track builds before it disintegrates, but the repetition of “I got what you need, follow me, come and see” works as a tether, keeping the elements united until the final breakdown.

Once again, Cado impress with optimistic, but never heavy-handed hip-hop. These are sounds you could lose yourself to. In fact, I recommend it.

“Say Sumthin” follows Cado’s strong EP, FREE WIFI (which you can read about here) and marks the beginning of the next phase for the duo. To keep up with and their upbeat hip-hop, check out their website, Facebook page, and Soundcloud.

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