Caleborate Ends 2015 With “Hold On”

Natalie Barman, 5 years ago
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Caleborate made a name for himself earlier this year with the release of his Hella Good album, but 2015 just keeps getting better for the Berkley rapper. Since the album’s release in August, Caleborate has teamed up with fellow Berkley rappers Marty Grimes and G-Eazy, bringing his polished raps to a diverse audience. His music, which was once confined to dedicated fans in the Bay area, now reaches a wide variety of hip-hop listeners across the country.

On his new track, “Hold On,” Caleborate talks about his aspirations in the hip-hop game and what’s been on his mind lately. His refined sound effortlessly meshes with Kuya Beats and Cal-A‘s glitchy beat. “Hold On” puts Caleborate in a position to end 2015 on top. Be sure to keep an eye on him in 2016.

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