CASisDEAD – “Simon” [Video]

Samuel Conley, 3 years ago
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North London rapper CASisDEAD has never been one to shy away from representing the more sinister side of modern society. Whether it’s the grizzly and gory video for “Charlotte“, or the choke-on-your-own vomit realism of “Drugs Don’t Work“, Cas’s videos have been known to shock and enlighten; indeed often both at the same time.

This fact continues to ring true, with his newest release. Meet “Simon”, the heavily addicted (to just about every narcotic) and seemingly hopeless individual living on London’s gritty roads. The video takes the form of a talkshow documentary:

In this exclusive interview for BBC’s Panorama, drug addict ‘Simon’ tells a harrowing story of a life filled with drug abuse and self harm. Speaking to our correspondent Becca Wren, he gives us his first hand account, complete with graphic reconstructions.

A deep work and definitely squirm-worthy – Cas is an artist of the highest calibre. Production credits come from Detroit’s SKYWLKR.

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