A.CHAL – PSYCHO (Prod. by Ricci Riera)

Natalie Barman, 4 years ago
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In an era of R&B dominated by The Weeknd’s pop stardom, it is always refreshing to hear a new voice brimming with potential. One of these talented prospects is A.CHAL. The rising artist, who is located in NYC and LA, brings a lush collection of original R&B singles to the table. His sound sharply differs from other R&B artists battling for listeners’ attention right now. A.CHAL fuses elements of soul and bass into moody songs about yearning and personal growth. It’s an ear-catching blend that is completely unique to A.CHAL.

A.CHAL’s latest track, “PSYCHO,” is a somewhat ominous track about his current state of being. He sings: “Might go f*ckin psycho / Lately I’m feeling spiteful / Near the edge all in my head like…” The beat and his tone reflect these dark lyrics. Ricci Riera’s slow, mysterious production sets the mood as A.CHAL slowly sings about his feels. The raw emotion in this track contributes to it’s ability to capture the listener. Don’t let the darkness of the track get you down, though. It is still as catchy as it is good.

Be sure to check out A.CHAL on SoundCloud and Twitter to keep up.

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