Chance the Rapper- No Problem feat lil wayne and 2-chainz

Jasmine Moreno, 4 years ago
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Chance the Rapper drops new track from new mix-tape, “Chance 3”.

Chance 3 will most likely be dropped later tonight or bright and early tomorrow, but for the avid listeners who cant wait, Chance the Rapper has supplied us with an exciting and uplifting collaboration with Collegrove‘s Lil Wayne and 2Chainz called “No Problems”. This is Chance and Lil Wayne’s first released collaboration since Dedication 5’s “You Song.” Chance has even had an cover story with Complex for June/July’s issue giving insight into his much anticipated new mix-tape, titled by fans. Comparing to 2015’s ‘Surf’, his last major project involvement, Chance compared that record to his new release: “This stuff is way better than Surf. I’ll say that on record. Donnie [Trumpet, who ‘Surf’ is credited to] is awesome, and the project was awesome, but this is all of us focusing our efforts into some very hip-hop and very dance-y shit, and it feels good. So I’m excited about that.”

Chance The Rapper

Chance the Rapper even takes the known hip-hop arrogance facade of “don’t f*$% with me” and twists it.  A great example of this is in the line “Don’t want no problem with me.”  This line is not a threat but more of a statement. Chance the Rapper states he can do this on his own, without a major label. For those that follow Chance on Snapchat may have heard the original teaser this past January.

Chance the Rapper once again sparks interests for his new mix-tape with an incredibly catchy auto tuned hook over a soulful production while 2Chainz and Lil Wayne tie it together with some original punchlines. In this song he discusses avoiding signing to a major label to stay independent and continuing on with his new found successes.  Despite his popularity, he’s a frenzied independent musician, who has still not conformed or caved to signing to a major record label. Clearly it has already been avowed that Chicago’s rapper’s new mix-tape is sculpting out to be a fine piece of musical art.



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