Charity – “Millennials”

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Detroit artist Charity makes her NewSickMusic debut with “Millennials”, the lead single off of her ‘Tender Headed‘ album. Growing up as a preacher’s daughter in a praying household, Charity now goes out of her way to reject tradition, a theme that is evident in her new record. Although gospel music may be at the forefront of every track on her new album, Charity continues to question misogyny and traditions within religion and society, as well as her male co-creatives’ ideas and attitudes towards women in music: specifically challenging how old traditions need to be modernized for this generation.

The song itself is an anthem for millennials, but applies to everyone out there trying to make their way through life without a clue what they’re doing.

Check out Charity’s “Millennials” and be sure to listen to the rest of her project ‘Tender Headed‘.

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