Chris Jobe – “Lonely Lives”

Chris Tanner, 2 years ago
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Nashville artist Chris Jobe returns to our pages with his new single, “Lonely Lives” a song inspired by people’s inclinations to cover up their insecurities and put up a confident front.

“‘Lonely Lives’ is about how people hide their insecurities by trying to seem fine on the outside, which results in shutting people out. I wrote the track after attending a show in Nashville. The first person to perform was a super talented producer friend of mine. Despite his giddy intro, it went horribly. I helplessly watched him sink into a dark place as no one dug it. When I tried to console him afterward, he acted as if nothing happened, and that bothered me. If we were all more open and honest when we feel down, then we would give the people around us a chance to empathize in order to realize we’re not so alone.”

Listen to Chris’ single above and be sure to follow him on SoundCloud to stay up on all future releases.

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