Cicada Radio – “Erased on Re-Entry” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 10 months ago
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New Jersey’s Cicada Radio create the kind of hazy soundscapes that take you out of this world and into another one, so it’s only fitting that the clip for their track “Erased on Re-Entry”, from their latest album Catch and Release, would take you travelling. 

The buzzing electric guitar drives the track, opening up into melody made clearer by reverberating and distant vocals. The noise blur encompasses a mood: something rainy and fragrant.

The accompanying clip showcases place and movement, tethering the viewer to the location by focusing on the details that make a place special: ceremonies, food, and people going about their daily lives. 

Black and white pattern effects bring out moments of vibrance. Bamboo forests cut between the details of a supermarket’s colours, close-up shots of the guitar blip with effects that match the sonic distortion — and all of this is tied together by rhythm and movement. The last image, a reflection in a train window as the world goes racing past, is one of the strongest. This, like the song, will linger. 

Catch and Release was released by Killing Horse Records in June of 2018. To hear more from Cicada Radio, you can find the band on their Facebook page, and on BandCamp. You can also follow them on Instagram.

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