Clairmont The Second – Quest for Milk and Honey

Natalie Barman, 3 years ago
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There’s something about Clairmont The Second that sticks out. It’s not specifically his lyrics, beats, hooks or even style. It’s the whole presentation. The Toronto rapper has a way of compelling you to listen to what he’s saying with method unlike anyone before him. Bear in mind, I don’t say that lightly. His words and sound are distinctly his, featuring a mix of experimental hooks and forceful lyrics to support the claim. With less than 3,000 SoundCloud followers to date, the young MC has just caught the ball–and has the talent to do with it whatever he pleases.

Nowhere is this talent more evident than on his new mixtape, Quest for Milk and Honey. Clairmont The Second (and make sure you spell it correctly) spits and sings tirelessly over the 13-track project, effectively merging lyricism with catchy vocals and ambitious ideas. It’s polished, but the project is still raw: there are times when the rapper’s emotions are laid out on the table for listeners to probe and prod. His unique perspective on life (both his and the lives of those surrounding him) is enough to set him apart but it is his specific delivery that keeps listeners going.

Although a quality drop, it is one of few project-length releases from Clairmont The Second. It’s rawness, which is captivating at times, is distracting at other moments. But listeners have little to fear: “People talking bout room for improvement,” he raps on the first track. “Everybody got room for improvement.” We’ll be waiting to see how he fills up the space.

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