cln – “The Other Side”

JonFromJersey, 3 years ago
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In August, Brisbane producer cln delivered the goods with a sizzling track featuring pseudo called ‘Switch Gears’. Well, the maestro is back and this time he’s bringing something super fresh.

Aptly titled ‘The Other Side’ is a song that shows a bit of a new direction for cln. It startled even him at first, but you can’t ignore what feels so right. “I’ve been making a fairly broad range of music, and initially when I wrote this song I didn’t want to release it because it didn’t sound that much like ‘me’. It has come to grow on me though; I think it’s probably one of the better vocal parts I’ve written,” he said.

Having decided to release it anyway means that cln is no longer confined to a certain style, which is extremely exciting. Listen now.

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