Cloudy June – “Goodbye to Honeymoon”

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After reaching over 160.000 Streams on Spotify on her single ‘Pretty Pills for Broken Hearts’ 22-year-old Ex-Metal singer Cloudy June blesses the NewSickMusic pages with her new single ‘Goodbye to Honeymoon’.

’Goodbye to Honeymoon’ deals with the feeling of fading love in a relationship. We’ve all been at this point in a relationship when the original butterflies in our stomachs and the rose-colored glasses were stripped away from us. The first argument followed by the first fight even. ‘Goodbye to Honeymoon’ is a song about wanting to go back to the day when it all started. And about the fear of losing your partner through a rough time in the relationship.

Listen to “Goodbye to Honeymoon” above and be sure to follow Cloudy June on Spotify and SoundCloud to stay up on all future releases.

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