Cold Fronts – “Buschleague”

Ross Thompson, 4 years ago
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Music is great for exploring complex emotions, portraying a story, or other forms of high art; its just as great for rolling down your windows and screaming “I feel young, I feel young” just like singer/songwriter Craig Almquist of Cold Fronts. The band embraces this feeling telling Penn Live, “‘You know when you listen to a  song and you’re like ‘that brings me back to two years ago when I was in love with this person?’ I hope our music is doing that right now.'” “Buschleague” precedes their first album “Forever Whatever” releasing on October 23rd with Sire Records, an extension of Warner Brothers Records.

You can follow their personal Soundcloud, or find their labelmates on Sire Records’ Soundcloud. Stay up-to-date on tours, music, and general Cold Fronts things on Twitter and Facebook.

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