CommonUnion59 – Holiday EP

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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The “holiday spirit” is great in its own right, but there is always something magical about only being able to properly listen to a song or record for a couple of months. Something romantic about the notion of savouring. It’s why I count a couple of original Christmas singles among my favourite songs, that and because the standard Christmas music gets old pretty quickly.

CommonUnion59 have two original Christmas tracks, and each strives to bring about the atmosphere of a delightful winter spent near a roaring fireplace. The first track, “You and Me” is gentle and romantic. An acoustic guitar kicks off an almost melancholy tune which gradually lightens with additions of bells and Laura Malasig’s smooth and soaring voice. At just over two and a half minutes, its a short little foray into what seems like an intimate wintertime portrait.

“The Spirit of Christmas” is a bigger tune with a happier feel. It’s folk influence is again emphasized by bells, though this time of the jangling sort. This song feels like a classic with its steady drum rolls and catchy melody.  A chorus layered with voices brings depth and significance and when it’s done, you feel ready for whatever your winter holiday has in store.

To hear more from CommonUnion59, check out their Facebook, SoundCloud, and website.

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