Concealer – “Place To Hide” (Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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Thematically, there is no doubt that Concealer — in their video for track “Place to Hide” — are going for something to build their brand, so to speak. Seemingly stuck together in a shower stall away from the forces of the outside world, sometimes donning masks, these guys are trying to keep something in. You know, conceal. But in the process of concealment, they allow the audience an intimate-seeming glimpse into the very thing they are hiding. It’s clever.

Offering a position of co-conspirator, Concealer invite us into their world of noisy background sounds juxtaposed with melodic and calm vocals. They call their genre “Heavy Wave”. There is something undoubtedly Canadian in the folk-esque edge to the vocals that carry on, steadily, no matter what else is happening. Take the video, for instance, in which we have missmannered, who makes up half the band, smoking, drinking, and ultimately acting out an array of verbs that come to mind with the word “cool”, while Mark Davis barely moves throughout. The last frame of the video, however, breaks down into a glimpse of love, of the companionship in a band that has found a valuable creative energy between them. For a video premise so simple, they manage to convey quite a bit.

Concealer’s debut, fêted:fetid, will be released on September 4th. To hear more from Concealer, check out their website and Youtube page. To keep up with news from the band, head on over to their Facebook page or Twitter.

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