Cool Company – Summer Daze (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Take some pop motifs, throw in cup or two of R&B and swirl it together with a dash of hip-hop. Serve chilled. There you have the recipe for the ultra-cool summertime EP, Summer Daze, by Cool Company, a Brooklyn-based writer and producer duo. Yannick Hughes (Cool Yan) impresses with vocal range and knack for melodies, while Matt Fishman (Fat Matt) gives a layered laid-back production emphasis to the project. You can almost taste the summer.

Opening track “Sunrise” plays with vocalization as rhythmic device while keeping a feel-good tone that continues into “Simple Things”. The optimistic idea that love can be as simple as a clear day is refreshing and delightful. “Beneath The Lights” has Cool Company paring everything back; it’s all about the essentials. Cool Yan’s voice seems natural in the spotlight.

“Overload” is a highlight, with pacing that gets you moving and enough emotion to suck you into the layered world of the song. Never releasing those calming sunny notes, but also diving into something evocative and tangible, the track changes the game just in time for the super chill lead single “Howling”. Just try not to get caught up in that guitar hook and the bittersweetness of the melody. It wraps around you. The EP ends with the darker “Sandcastles” which uses the sound of crashing waves to paint a final picture. Metallic rhythm adds a uniqueness and we are left wondering what will come next.

If you want to hear more from Cool Company as we dive into summer, check out their SoundCloudFacebook, and Bandcamp page.

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