Cosmo’s Midnight & Kucka – “Walk With Me” [Swindail remix]

Paula Truscott, 4 years ago
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This track was already cute, but it managed to get cuter. Cosmo’s Midnight; a pair of producing twins from Sydney, and Kucka; a vocalist out of Perth (hometown, represent) teamed up last year for Walk With Me, a chirpy tune that Sydney producer Swindail has just remixed as a gesture of good will (Sydney beatmakers, represent). With both versions oozing positive vibes, Swindail picks up the pace for the most part, but strips it back to basics for a brief intermission in the middle… until unloading his own brand of weird and wonderful noise. The perfect track to help bridge the gap between tipsy and turnt, it’s definitely one for the Saturday playlist.

Cosmo’s Midnight & Lido recently combined forces for Falling Out, and you might recognise Kucka from Flume’s Smoke and Retribution. If you’re digging the sound of Swindail, he’s got a bundle of remixes and original tracks over on Soundcloud. Get on it!

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