Countless Thousands – You’re Goddamn Right (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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Los Angeles band Countless Thousands have created for themselves a new genre of alternative rock: Enthusiastic Rock. Hailed as Southern California’s Kings of Enthusiasm, the band are well on their way to bringing pop-punk fans into a new realm of music. Check out the lead single, “Webster’s Dictionary Defines Marriage As”, off the new album You’re Goddamn Right  to see for yourself.

The track is a spin on your average love song, bringing reality (such as the cost of the ring) to the forefront while still keeping the energy high, and the guitars powerful. A harmonized chorus gives the song an extra kick of catchiness. You can also find the brand new music video for the track here.

“Webster’s Dictionary Defines Marriage As” fits right in on the album, which moves from a raw and messy kind of punk (“The Asskicker’s Union”) to the softer, more delicate — though still containing a rock’n’roll guitar solo — “Excellent Horse Like Lady”. “Only Child” brings some comedy into the mix, with the phrase “My sister is an asshole” being repeated, but the track retains some real bitterness in the narrative within the song. It’s this kind of poignancy and comedy mix that makes the music of Countless Thousands so unique.

For more of Countless Thousands’ wild energy, check out their Soundcloud, Facebook, and website, or follow them on twitter for news from the band.


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