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Natalie Barman, 4 years ago
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Here at NSM, we have long been fans of Cousin Stizz. The Roxbury rapper impressed us with his debut mixtape Suffolk County and we have been hooked on his singles ever since. His raw bars about growing up in Boston, as well as his assortment of hard-hitting trap beats, have sent him spiraling through the hip-hop ranks over the last few months. Stizz’s ability to transform genuine commitment to his hometown into party music sets him apart as a unique artist in an age of conscious rap vs. banger rap. His authentic stories are just that–authentic, or at least believable. However you feel about his lyrics, Stizz is undeniably a unique voice in hip-hop right now.

Stizz’s distinct talent is well represented on his new mixtape MONDA. The tape is Stizz at his best, with some artistic progression mixed in. The tough lyrics that Stizz fans value are still there but are occasionally laid out over beats that are softer around the edge. He switches up the flow at times, deviating from the straight-forward speech that permeated Suffolk County and entering a spectrum of versatility. Beyond those trivial details, however, the mixtape is simply good. It is heartfelt, ambitious and hype. It’s a mixtape brimming with the potential to take Stizz from sorta-famous to on-every-playlist.

Listen to MONDA above, and be sure to follow Cousin Stizz on SoundCloud and Twitter.

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