Create the Culture – Create (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Here we have, with a surefire glory, the first two singles from Saskatchewan group Create the Culture’s debut EP Create. Here is a taste of what comes next, a few moments from the latest musical trend. The first track, “On Road”, hit more than 50,000 views in one month. This is the infectious nature of Create the Culture’s sound.

True to their name, this group is carving out their own space to share their sound. Sliding vocals epitomize chill and bass-heavy background sounds thump away in your skull, bringing you deep into the music. Both “On Road” and “Found My Way” loom large and demand to be turned all the way up. But be wary, that bass is going to travel.

The band members have known each other for eight years — since high school, in fact — and there is a sense of unity. Ace, Kaiba, Pascal and bk Fire found and bonded over the music that makes them feel a part of something bigger, and now they are creating that for a new generation.

To hear more from Create the Culture, check out their Twitter page, Instagram, and SoundCloud

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