d.oh – A Lukewarm Reception (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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For someone who has taken his music completely into his own hands, Daniel Oh (or d.oh) is a truly humble musician. Take the title of his EP, A Lukewarm Reception, for example. Or better, his bio on his website:

“With a new, non-unique sound that harkens memories of great musicians such as Kenny G, Creed, and Mozart, d.oh has crafted uninspired pieces of music since his humble beginnings in the small town of Toronto, Ontario.”

I’m not the first to suggest that A Lukewarm Reception deserves a hot welcome, or that his pieces are, in fact, quite inspired. I’m not the first, and I won’t be the last. Fortunately for everyone, d.oh has made his album available for free on his website, so you will be able to come to your own conclusions. But first, here are mine.

Perhaps it’s the humble (and oh so Canadian) persona that d.oh has crafted, or perhaps it’s the dream-like music that perfectly reflects the modern age (I’m talking electronic sounds blending genres with a delicate seamlessness) but there is something gripping about the four tracks on A Lukewarm Reception. “There Goes My Heart” utilizes a beautiful beat and pulsating synths for an emotional ride. “Shut Me Down” displays vocal excellence with a hint of the sensual, then breaks into a haunting, lyrically violent rap. “49 (feat. Macon Hamilton & Adam Noble-Marks)” starts with smooth hip-hop accented by a stuttering beat and bass jam, and the popular “Scaring the Child” uses sonic layers in a near-experimental way to bring its ominous vibes across. The whole album has a hint of the hypnotic to it, a gentle, pleasing way of getting into your head and sticking. The album ends almost abruptly, leaving the listener to sit and wait for what is to come.

A Lukewarm Reception was released on August 28th. You can keep up with d.oh on Facebook, Bandcamp, SoundCloud, or his website for more news and music.


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