Dakota – “Silver Tongue”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Dutch dream-rockers Dakota are fighting back against anyone who tries to sway them from their dreams. The new track “Silver Tongue” is an anthem to staying strong crafted with hazy guitars and popping percussion. Smooth vocals wrap around and anchor you to the song throughout the floating complexity. There is sweetness in the sound, but an underlying edge comes through in Dakota’s lyrical wisdom and command of their sound. Neither aggressive nor shy, “Silver Tongue” is about staying steady and not giving up.

The accompanying video begins with the band members relatively stationary in a graffiti-filled concrete hall, but as the track progresses, movement increases until the band is full-on dancing in front of the camera. There is an inherent rise to the song that is spotlighted by the subtle shifts in the clip.

“Silver Tongue” is dream pop with an edge, and it could just be your new fight song.

You can hear more from Dakota on the Manimal Records SoundCloud page and Youtube. You can also find the band on their website and  Facebook.

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