Damon Mitchell – Elise (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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At twenty-two years old, Damon Mitchell has had enough rock and roll experiences to last a lifetime, and he channels this on his upcoming EP, Elise. Bringing 60s and 70s influences to the forefront, the focus is on the hooks with Mitchell, and as with many strong EP offerings, Elise acts as a showcase of genre variation.

There are plenty of rock legends gracing this EP and helping to cement Mitchell’s place as an artist to watch — that is, if his playing with the band America as a guest guitarist and vocalist wasn’t enough to turn heads. With Tris Imboden (Kenny Loggins, Chicago) and Charlie McCoy (Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel) assisting, Elise is a record that pulls history together with Mitchell’s all-too-contemporary emotions. The themes of complicated love punctuate the record.

It is the guitar riffs that often steal the show on this collection of tracks. Amidst organs (compelling on “Just A Face”) and fiddle (on album highlight and genre-shifted “License Plate”) and smooth-n-jazzy trumpet (“World In Her Eyes), the heart of Mitchell’s melodies come from the old six-string. “Elise” is perhaps the grandest on the EP and closes it down. Outlining a dangerous love, the title track has an accompanying (and hypnotic) video that fits the tone: groove and moody guitar giving way to darkness. You can watch and listen to that above.

Damon Mitchell has already made his splash in the industry, but Elise is an introduction to a massive range. We can only wait to see what he has to offer next.

Elise will be released on March 2nd. To hear more from Damon Mitchell, you can find him on his SoundCloud and Facebook page. You can also follow the artist on Twitter.

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