Daniel Shaw – “Used To Be” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Daniel Shaw has spent the better part of his life truly passionate about music. 

Shaw released an album at twelve years old, has been a street performer in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia, for over thirteen years, and now, at twenty he has released a clip for the stunning “Used to Be” from his EP Cross the Line.

The track opens with delicate piano and silky vocals spinning the spirit of heartbreak. A pop classic through and through, the song rises with emotion and instrumentation as it goes, only to break down once more into a minimal bridge.

In the clip, Shaw walks towards the memories of a past relationship — but then changes his mind and walks away, through reverie and his own thoughtfulness. It’s fitting that the track ends on a melancholy note instead of a grand rise: some things, Shaw knows, just take time. And some things have the potential to become art.

You can find “Used To Be” on Daniel Shaw’s EP, Cross the Line, out now. You can also find the artist on Spotify and Facebook or follow him on Twitter for more music and news.

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