DannyDosha – “Kelsey 2”

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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DannyDosha was destined to record. With a hip-hop producer for an uncle and a mix-engineering cousin, this artist has known what to do in a studio for a long time. He’s been making music since he was nine years old, after all.

“Kelsey 2” is an ode from a musician to a musician: the track was named for Kelsey Lu, a cellist extraordinaire who has worked with Solange, Florence + The Machine, and many others. The track itself bends genre, moving with dizzying grace from effected guitar evocative of 90s grunge to R&B vocals that dip and swell. It’s almost chaotic and wholly inventive.

DannyDosha takes on lead vocals and guitar while Danielle Lee adds emphasis and depth in her vocal performance, with Darwin Winston rocking 808 and keyboard. Katt comes in with pace-changing percussion and production, and the track flows together for an experience that will stay with you. Lose yourself in these shifts.

“Kelsey 2” is the second in a three-part record inspired by Kelsey Lu. To hear more from DannyDosha, you can find him on his SoundCloudFacebook page, and Twitter.

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