David D’Angelo releases environmental call-to-arms “Priceless Commodity” featuring MayDay

Kaitlin Ruether, 9 months ago
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David D’Angelo is writing music for impact. “Priceless Commodity” is a rap for the current age: an anxious anthem about the water crisis that will put you on the spot. 

The song opens with an off-kilter melody. It’s catchy and unsettling at once, perfectly setting the tone for the content. “What I got to give for a drop around here,” MayDay questions prophetically over D’Angelo’s melody. If it’s not your reality yet, it could be soon. 

MayDay is seen outdoors, addressing the camera and taking in the natural world. Periodically, the image shifts to people dancing to the beats while drinking water, aptly labelled “Priceless”. Even more appropriate are the dancers wearing masks. This clip may have been filmed before our current lockdown situation began, but the message and tone is, unfortunately, evergreen. 

“Priceless Commodity” is drawing attention to the environmental changes we are hurdling towards while showcasing David D’Angelo’s ability to create a vibrant track, as well as MayDay’s clever lyricism. To hear more from the artists, you can find D’Angelo on his website, Spotify, and Twitter. You can also find MayDay on Instagram and Spotify.

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