Dirty Heads – “Celebrate” (Feat. The Unlikely Candidates)

Kaitlin Ruether, 2 years ago
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Our family is always with us, but we can’t always be with our family. This is the emotional heart that carries through Dirty Heads’ track “Celebrate” which features The Unlikely Candidates. The track is an honouring, though never strays into cheesiness, and instead rises to the level of grateful; a melody that winds humbleness around your mind like a blanket. Prepare for some emotions.

The slow-building crescendo is something that words find hard to capture, so I implore you to listen to “Celebrate” as it climbs with vocal layers added each time the chorus swoops back around, or to the fervour of the flow of the verses, which seem to melt with time. The love — for where they’ve come from, for where they are, and for music itself — is clear on “Celebrate”, which lives up to its namesake. “One day I’ll come home,” the lyrics ring as the song closes, “we can celebrate”.

There is sentimentality here, but it feels earned by careful and polished choices. The clip for the video begins with a dedication, then becomes an audio/visual scrapbook, with images from the past being projected on the musicians and their background. As the song grows, the images mingle with crowd footage, and the connection between our roots and our present moment is made. Precise editing and a surging pace keeps the video running alongside the track. This is an experience that you will find hard to forget.

Dirty Heads’ latest album SWIM TEAM is out now. You can find them on their website, SpotifyFacebook page, and Twitter. You can also find The Unlikely Candidates on their Twitter.

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