Disco Despair – I’m No Good (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 5 years ago
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It’s been ten years since Lassi Vierimaa (then known as Scape) released the hit “Be My Friend”. Ten years of growth and reflection in a time when the house music scene was (and is) thriving. Now, under the apt moniker Disco Despair, Vierimaa is back with an EP (via Youth Control) that brings modern house together with retro disco sounds. Listen along with me.

The first track is the namesake of the EP, and fittingly so. It’s in “I’m No Good” (which features the vocal stylings of Her Favorite Flavor) that the tone of the EP and project is set. Every detail of this incarnation of Vierimaa’s career unifies in a way that is almost chilling. Disco Despair indeed. The second original track is a bit darker. Like being underwater, the echoes and untraceable sounds collect in a break through to the clarity of the surface. Instead of a vocal focus, “Freak With Me” plays with vibes and imagery through sound. The final original is titled “Let You In My Heart” and is perhaps the grooviest track. With a head-bobbing, toe-tapping beat and a stuck-in-your-head-instantly hook, this confirms Disco Despair’s true talent, if you weren’t already convinced.

Three remixes of “I’m No Good” arrive next, courtesy of Roisto. The first is the most popular, and it’s clear why. With heightened club-vibes, the remix highlights what makes the track a classic in the first place. Next is a speedier version, and finally we return to that all-out groove that the album is so unified by. We are left with one sure fact: the song is intensely remix-able.

Keep up with Disco Despair on Facebook and SoundCloud, then check out Roisto on Facebook as well. Want to know more about the sounds coming out of Youth Control? Check out their site right here.

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