DJ Snake ft. Bipolar Sunshine – “Middle” [Mija remix]

Paula Truscott, 4 years ago
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No matter how much you loooooove a song, if you repeatedly pump it through your stereo, your ears will eventually need a break. But when someone does a gnarly remix of it, you can lose your shit to it in a whole new way. Exhibit A: Mija‘s rendition of DJ Snake and Bipolar Sunshine’s recent banger ‘Middle‘. Mija – a Cali producer who’s on Skrillex’s label OWSLA – picks up the pace and the pitch, giving the track a whole new happy-trappy twist.

Take a listen to OWSLA’s bass-heavy, 16-track Worldwide Broadcast compilation and be sure to show Mija some Soundcloud love while you’re there.

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