Don Mai – “Won’t Let You Down” (Single)

Kaitlin Ruether, 8 months ago
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In the creation of “Won’t Let You Down”, Australia’s Don Mai stumbled onto one of those magic moments as an artist. After struggling to write a song, he was struck with a new idea — something based on the feelings he was experiencing in the moment. The shape of the song took form and before Mai knew it, “Won’t Let You Down” existed.

In a similar bout of creative energy, the track was recorded in one day; an impressive feat when you hear the many layers and production nuance poured in. With an acoustic opening and smooth vocals, Mai captures attention without hesitation. Soon, harmonies form against the sticky drumbeat and the song swells. 

As for the emotions that inspired the track? All too relatable. Mai was sitting with the feeling of infatuation for someone who may or may not return the feelings; someone who had been hurt before and had walls up. The song is an ode to not giving up, but also respecting someone else’s needs. It’s well-intentioned, but the kernel of pain remains. 

“Won’t Let You Down” follows Don Mai’s self-titled EP, so if you are as excited as we are to hear what’s next, you can follow Mai on his SoundCloud, Instagram, and Facebook page.

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