Harlem's Don Mykel continues to impress us with his singles on SoundCloud. Listen to his latest, "I Know," right here.

Don Mykel – “I Know” (Prod. By F.L.O)

Natalie Barman, 4 years ago
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Harlem’s Don Mykel continues to impress us with his singles. His latest release, “I Know”, brings together some of the finest elements of his music in a stand-out track. Don hits us with his clever metaphors and powerful word play (he even includes the lyrics in the caption under the song), all while rapping over F.L.O’s hard-hitting beat. The vocals by Poka and Kirk Hill at the end are a nice touch that give the song a unique vibe. Most notably, though, Don shows off his mastery of flow as he speeds up at the end of the verse- it’s reminiscent of Kendrick playing around with his words on “Rigamortus.” It’s no easy task, but Don makes it seem breezy.

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