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Maryland rapper dopeSMOOTHIES seemed to spring out of nowhere in May. His unique song “STACKER II” turned heads with its easy raps, sweet vocals, and innovative production. The buzz surrounding the track culminated last week when the song hit 50k streams on SoundCloud.

In honor of the 50k milestone, dopeSMOOTHIES has released a music video for “STACKER II.” The video, which is also the rapper’s directorial debut, is being marketed as a short film. dopeSMOOTHIES and Richy Guzman teamed up to create a minimal aesthetic for the hip-hop/R&B track. In the film, the female star independently makes breakfast, prays, and then gets a delivery from her drug dealer. Through its unique cinematic approach, the video highlights the irony of an independent woman hooked on substances.

dopeSMOOTHIES said he recognizes that the video is “very unorthodox and super risky given this copy/paste driven era” that we live in, but felt the video’s style “was necessary to present who I am as a creative” to his viewers.

Watch the video for “STACKER II” above.

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