DrewsThatDude – ‘En Amor’ [EP]

Natalie Barman, 3 years ago
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New York’s DrewsThatDude makes edgy music. Edgy in the sense that it is breaking new ground in music production, but also edgy in that it hangs on the peripheries of a variety of musical genres. His sound fuses R&B with piano, hip-hop with future house, soul with trap. DrewsThatDude’s versatile work has not gone unrecognized: he is a multi-platinum, Grammy nominated artist whose extensive production credits include songs with Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and Tech N9ne. This impressive background led him to HW&W Recordings last fall, where he currently holds on spot on their boast-worthy roster.

Which leads us right up to now, where DrewsThatDude has released his debut EP, “En Amor.” The six song project (which comes a bit late as a debut considering his big-name production credits) is almost entirely pure, unaffected production. DrewsThatDude lays out melody after melody with the expertise of an artist who–well, has worked with the best in the industry. His heavy use of synths and drums form an unexpectedly calm sound. It’s R&B, soul, hip-hop and edgy electronic, but it is also chill. PYRMDPLAZA and Fortune are featured on the EP as well, but DrewsThatDude is undoubtedly the star.

Listen to “En Amor” above, or, for those boycotting the impending SoundCloud charges, stream it on Spotify.

Check out DrewsThatDude on SoundCloud and Twitter to keep up.

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