Drugstore Ghost – ‘House Dreams’ (EP)

Chris Tanner, 3 years ago
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When I started NewSickMusic it was my vision to create a platform for artists to showcase their talent, regardless of genre of music, industry connections or number of social media followers. A platform, designed to help the upcoming artist simply by praising their music in text form for others to read. The only requirement: that the music is good af. Drugstore Ghost is why I started NewSickMusic.

With 167 Twitter followers and 11 fans on Soundcloud, the North Carolina based artist/producer released ‘House Dreams‘ on the first of the year. Calling the project “A conceptual body of work that focuses on the transition of time and self over a period of time” Drugstore Ghost recommends that the listener add their own narrative to the sounds and to the meaning of the words.

Check out the project in its entirety above and get lost in “House Dreams.

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