Dylan Owen – “The Best Fears of Our Lives”

Samuel Conley, 5 years ago
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At just 22 years old, New York rapper Dylan Owen is already producing tunes that are informed beyond his years. His newest track “The Best Fears of Our Life” just dropped this week, and is the first we’ve heard from him in a while due to the fact that he has been committing his energies to getting his upcoming project There’s More To Life completed.

“The Best Fears of Our Life” is a triumph for Dylan. Displaying his refined story-telling techniques, Dylan offers his perspective of life so far. Speaking to G.m.a.d. about the track earlier in the week, Dylan explained:

“I talk through the various realities that are striking me currently and during these foundational years: a childhood friend passing away, old flames that never went anywhere, friends who left me to move to Los Angeles, and my grandfather being sick.”

Though the track is very retrospective in a morbid and bleak manner, it is also one of hope – we are experiencing a young man using his art to make sense of the tribulations of growing up in the modern world. He expresses himself magnificently, and the end result is inspiring.

We are huge fans of this track, so make sure you listen in above!

Check out Dylan on SoundcloudTwitterTumblr, Youtubeand his Website.

[Photo c/o of @Patcapp]

Dylan Owen’s new project There’s More To Life is set to drop on June 8th.


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