Dylan Tauber – Sounds From Space (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Sounds from Space is Dylan Tauber’s 12th album, and after pulling himself in an array of directions (music inspired by dolphins, projects that involve a visual art component, etc.) this album settles itself in the space between surrealism and dance party. The 14th track on the album is called “Space Groove”, and this works as a theme for the whole of Sounds from Space.

There are patterns that become clear as you become immersed in the album. The first track, “11:18:16”, feels like an instrumental introduction to the whole, but also blends into “Clouds”, which adds Enlia’s gentle vocalization to complete the track. “12-16-16” is continued in the same way on “Take Me To Space”, except this time with Francessca Belisario’s vocals reigning in the 90s pop snappiness and elevating the emotions.

There are two vocalists who breathe new life into the already well-balanced tracks: Enlia’s angelic vocalization is often used for the tracks that evoke space. She is the otherworldly spice in “Abandoned Planet”, which is driven by a march-like beat. Francessca Belisario often adds a pop flare, bringing an addictiveness. Her delicate whispers of “tell me” on “What’s In Your Heart” become a summoning.

Dylan Tauber is not one to let something great rest — he sees the potential and works to unlock it in as many ways as possible. “He Loves Carmen Remix” is a radio edit of “He Loves Carmen”, and while it may lose some of the tragedy, it is undeniably danceable. The album concludes with a reworking of “Dolphin Cry 2.0 Vocal Mix”, a song from a previous album that becomes starkly alive and sensory with the juxtaposition of city life and dolphin calls.

Dylan Tauber is one of those artists who never seems to rest, and if you want to keep up with what he’ll be up to next, I suggest you check out his Twitter, Facebook page, and SoundCloud. You can also find more information on his website.

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