Earthquake Lights – “Moonlight” (Music Video)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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While it has been a blast watching Earthquake Lights perform the songs in their previous clips, we’re now in for a more narrative-minded treat. The latest music video from the New York band was directed by the prolific Minu Park and is a saunter through forested light — both of the day and the evening.

In “Moonlight”, the mystery is not only in the complex chord progressions and jazzy influences, but also in the tale weaved of two sisters lured into the forest: one by a mysterious light that draws her to water’s edge, and the other in enchanted pursuit.

The track begins with vocals, a grooving piano line, and a touch of drums, but before long the composition swells with enough layers to have you feeling like you, too, are wandering a dense wood. Cinematic bursts of strings — recorded at Abbey Road Studios — punctuate the track and knock the wind from your lungs, while Myles Rodenhouse sings high and smooth over it all. Comforting in the steadiness, but unpredictable in the swoops of melody. The tracks takes every risk and each impulse pays off. 

“Moonlight” comes off the band’s upcoming debut full-length record, Distress Signals. You can find more New Sick Music coverage here. To keep up with Earthquake Lights while we await the release, you can find them on their website, Facebook page, and on Bandcamp. You can also follow the band on Twitter.

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