Eloïse – “Now He Wears White”

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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At age 18 — having recently completed her A-levels — Eloïse has already released an EP and four standalone singles. A NewSickMusic favourite, her songs “Marie Antoinette” and “Studio 54” may sound familiar to you. Joining her rapidly increasing inventory of tracks is “Now He Wears White”, which almost feels like a cultural counter-piece to “Marie Antoinette”; at least in terms of satire when it comes to culturally significant figures.

Opening with the lyrics, “Someone once told him that he looks like Elvis, so now he wears white every night and thinks he’s Jesus”, Eloïse gets right to the point, and uses synths with a trace sense of vapourwave as well as beats that delicately emerge just as the song ascends into loftiness. The mood shifts in this song, and while not static, there is certainly a well-crafted balance that is held primarily together by strong melodies and Eloïse’s unique range. It’s easy to talk at length about the maturity of the vocals, or the way she can glide with a retro crooning feel from low to high, but there is also a sense of the retro in the way she sings, something that takes on a self-awareness in the lyrical context of “Now He Wears White”.

Eloïse is an artist who moves beyond her years both in musical and songwriting ability, and we can only wait until she gifts us with her next offering.

To hear more from Eloïse, check out her website, SoundCloud, and Facebook page. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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