Empathy Test – “Demons”

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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For any lover of sci-fi, the idea of the uncanny is essential to the genre. That is, taking something familiar and altering it enough to give it a quality of something new, but that you can’t look away from. Empathy Test‘s namesake film, Blade Runner, is a perfect example, and they seem to know it. Their music embodies the idea; it’s synth-pop you can dance to, but with a dark edge, an ethereal energy behind the synths.

Listen to the duo’s new single, “Demons”, for example. The range of vocals compliments the layers of sound for something that is endlessly re-listenable. There are emotional shifts buried within the sounds, which are expansive and encompassing.

Empathy Test already have two EPs, Losing Touch and Throwing Stones, which you can listen to over on their SoundCloud page. “Demons” will be released on September 8th, before Empathy Test head out on a European Tour in October of 2016.

To keep up with Empathy Test, you can check out their Facebook page, Twitter, and Bandcamp while we await the September 8th release.


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