Eric Frisch – Late in the Night (EP)

Kaitlin Ruether, 1 year ago
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Eric Frisch is following the joy of 2016’s Music Under Sea with a heavier, headier EP built around one night in a studio with a band laying down single-take tapes. Where Music Under Sea was a sprawl of a full-blown album, Late in the Night is a focused selection of songs that all embody the feeling of late night, of studio-stories (of which Eric Frisch has — as always — plenty) and of Beatles-esque guitar melodies and a dash of good ol’ 60s playfulness.

The improvised lyrics of “As Long As I’m Alive” swell alongside a longing melody that showcases piano chords and a slow-grooving guitar. “Late in the Night” and “Turn On Your Light” both spread out in the centre of the EP, using repeated riffs and a sort of meandering pace to find a groove. “Turn On Your Light” had to be quickly taught to the band before recording, and its melodic Americana is an essential piece of the nighttime road atmosphere. The album comes to a close with the slow-then-fast rising action of “Loved You All Along”. It is big and features a delightfully thudding bass line, and Eric Frisch finds those Beatles roots once again.

Late in the Night was released on May 31st, 2017. You can hear the whole EP on Bandcamp, or find Eric Frisch on his website, Facebook, and Soundcloud pages.

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