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Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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They look the part, they sound the part. Los Angeles “future pop” band BLEITCH are bursting onto the electronic pop scene with style. They’re impossible to ignore. The powerhouse vocals of Madelyn Deutch paired with the award winning musical expertise of Piers Baron makes for a sound that strikes nerves and bounces around in your head. With critical acclaim and airplay on HBO’s True Blood propelling them, these two seem nowhere near ready to slow down, and we can’t be more excited. Check out BLEITCH’s latest release “Speaking Of Moments” above, and check out the interview with the duo below.

“Speaking Of Moments” is an optimistic anthem. It feels at once ready for a club scene, and yet there is a refreshing gentleness to the vocals and the musical layers. Can you talk about the process of creating your latest single?

Piers Baron: We wanted to create something both musically sincere and uncynical as well as lyrically relatable and honest. The dynamic range of the song really emphasizes the vocal melodies and message.

Madelyn Deutch: I just really wanted the song to be the embodiment of falling in love. To me that feeling can definitely be sub-by and explosive and crazy. 

There is an undoubted aesthetic appeal to BLEITCH as a musical project. Who, or what, inspires your style?

Piers Baron: Johan Lindeberg, Trent Reznor, Rick Owens, Placebo, ABBA.

Madelyn Deutch: David Bowie, St. Vincent.  


How did the two of you come together? What made you realize that you should create music as a duo?

Piers Baron: I had written some demos and had spent two years looking for someone to collaborate with, Maddie and I were introduced by a mutual friend, subsequently got in a room, wrote paint by numbers from a demo I had, got out of room, realized we had our own sound. 

 The music videos you release have been consistently stunning, and frequently draw attention to your music. How important is the visual aspect of your music? Do you have an idea of the visual when you write a song? 

Piers Baron: The music videos match the production of the music, futuristic and heartfelt.

Madelyn Deutch: Piers is a really visual person and I’m all about words, so usually we like to sit down before we commit to a video and be really clear that the images work with the narrative. That’s critical to us.  

What music is currently inspiring you?

Piers Baron: That’s changes weekly, this week –  Travis Scott, Plastikman, Jack Ü, Børns, Placebo Unplugged, Gwen Stefani

Madelyn Deutch: Same. Today it’s Hall and Oates. Later Miles Davis. Kendrick. 

 You describe your sound as “Future Pop”. What does this genre identification mean to you?

808’s, 909’s, Melancholy, Drama, Light. 

What has been the highlight of your career so far?

Piers Baron: This interview. 

Madelyn Deutch: Anytime Piers opens his mouth. 

Can you tell us anything about what is next for you?

Piers Baron: Speaking Of Moments, available at all good digital retailers now. 

Check out BLEITCH on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Youtube for more music, news, and videos.

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