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Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Ceasefire are an OC-based rock trio who are gaining huge momentum with their enormous anthemic sound and live shows with a reputation for being astonishing. Their new single, “JOYRIDE”, embraces the melodic scale of the 80s, the rock depth of the 90s, and all the joy of a band reaching for a new peak in their career — one peak of many to come. Listen to “JOYRIDE” above as you check out our interview with the band below.

Hey Ceasefire! Your new track, “JOYRIDE”, is explosively optimistic! What was the process of creating this track?

“JOYRIDE” started as a spontaneous jam session while in the studio. The song instantly gelled with all of us and so we went into the studio immediately to start working on it.

The video for “JOYRIDE” is coming soon. What can we expect from the video?

We can’t really say much but what I can tell you is that the video is going to embrace the essence of the song but from a much different perspective. We are very excited to get this video out and can’t wait to share it with you all.

You’ve collaborated with some incredible artists, including Grammy-nominated Mark Needham, who mixed “JOYRIDE” and has worked with both Imagine Dragons and The Killers. How important is collaboration for you?

It’s definitely very important to us because you have to always be challenging yourself or you will never grow. When you work with someone outside your immediate camp, they challenge your ideas and help you see things from a different perspective.

Video is also a very collaborative art form. How involved will you be in the direction and story of the video for “JOYRIDE”?

We have a very clear vision of this video and have been extremely hands on through the creation of both the concept and video.

You are often compared to hugely talented artists such as U2 and The Killers. Who else would you say influences your music?

We are influenced by all music but to be specific I would say Radiohead, David Bowie, and Pink Floyd to name a few.

What albums are you currently loving?

We are currently into the new Twenty One Pilots, Chainsmokers, Lumineers, and OneRepublic.

Let’s go back to the beginning. How did you meet? What was the moment you knew you needed to become Ceasefire? 

Kamren and Ray are brothers so they didn’t have a choice in the matter. Ray got Kamren to pick up the guitar at a young age and the songwriting began. Off of an ad online Kamren and Ray Alexander met Anthony Hainsworth and Ceasefire was born.

And now for the future! After the video for “JOYRIDE”, what can we expect from the future of Ceasefire?

We are planning on doing something very special to end the year. We will be teasing the possible release of our full EP, complete with live videos, and some key live concerts.

You have a devoted following who call themselves the Ceasefire Militia. Is there anything you’d like to say to them?

We love you all more than anything; you are the reason that we do this. We cannot wait to share this video with you and we look forward to seeing all of your beautiful faces at a show soon.

Keep up with Ceasefire on their Facebook, SoundCloud, and their website as we await the release of the music video, or follow them on Twitter to find out where they’ll be performing next.

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