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Ryan Pod, 4 years ago
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Sometimes, it may be incredibly easy for avid music fans to miss new releases from underground artists. 02126 from Boston emcee Jackie Jones is a great example. 02126 is a really dope project that tells the stories and struggles of a kid growing up in Bean Town. The 14 track LP features NSM favorite DAYWALK, Boston native Latrell James  and a handful of really talented producers. Learn a little bit more about 02126 and his musical upbringing by checking out our conversation below. Be sure to check out the album at the bottom of the page as well!


Ryan: What made you fall in love with music?

Jackie: “I always wanted to rap. Eminem was a major influence on me growing up. I never listened to rap that much. I’m more into old school rock n roll, like 80s classic rock and early 90’s rock. That’s what made me fall in love with music.”

What do you listen too when looking for inspiration and how about what are you your bumping when just kicking it?

“To keep it real I don’t listen to rap that much. I listen to old school rock n roll you know like Journey and Van Halen. That’s when I first found my love for music because that’s the stuff I was brought up on. I listen to rap but, I like a lot of pop rock, classic rock. Right now rap is not where I find my inspiration.”

If you could make a song with anyone today who would it be?

“Man… That’s a tough question. Probably Jimi Hendrix. I could make some trippy shit with that guy. It would be really dope. I don’t even know what I would do really. I would pretty much be in awe.”

How about an artist today?

“In my city right now there are a couple guys making noise. Michael Christmas and Cousin Stizz. I definitely respect their hustle. Would be very dope to collab with them”

It’s no doubt that the Boston music scene is being put on the map  with a lot of artists emerging  Tell me about Boston and the scene in case some of our readers have yet to visit?

“The Boston scene right now is growing. Those guys that I mentioned are really growing it. It gives guys like me a chance. When guys think Boston they know a couple artists so it gives other artists looks for sure. Before it wasn’t like that. We were all just trying to find our space in the industry. Now we got a bunch of artists doing things, we got Joyner Lucas who was just on the BET cypher. We’re getting looks out here. For the people that don’t know . It’s fairly new, but I feel people are starting to pay attention now. What’s different now is other artists are showing each other love. Back in the early 2000’s there wasn’t that unity like there is today.”




Now let’s talk about the new project

02126 I’m taking is the area code where you’re from. Is there another hidden message about the title to the project?

“What I was really trying to do. I was trying spread and bring people into my realm. I’ve made other projects, but they weren’t as real or personal. This new one is all me. It’s where I’m from, it gets real personal, what i’ve been through. It’s not about songs about money or girls. It’s just authentic and real. I’m not lying to you. 02126 I made the songs to the best of my ability and you find out who Jackie Jones is.”

02126 is a really dope project. I really am vibing with this one. Take me through some of the creative process while creating?

“Honestly, this project really started to happen because I was in a relationship with this girl. This girl was the influence for the whole tape. The process started after we broke up. The emotions came from me pouring my heart out in my song writing.”

I really appreciate the music that you just shared with the world. Some artists who are trying to make a name for themselves won’t put the necessary effort forth to make quality music like 02126
That being said how long did you spend making this project?

“I started this project and it was called something else originally. I recorded Slacker about a year and half ago. I just thought it was a song I needed to push. It took me about 5 or 6 months to record and get the rest of these ideas out of my head and to conclude the process of these songs. Sometimes you have ideas and they don’t come to life. It took me about 5 to 6 months basically.”
My personal favorites off the tape are 02126, My Brother and Me, Nancy’s Crib, Live your Life, Alphonso’s Song, Change Like Seasons. (Was really tough to narrow it down)
What are your favorite songs off of the album? What were your favorite to create?

“My favorite is Alphonso’s Song. That was probably the most fun song I recorded. I love 02126 the intro track. The song that wasn’t very fun to record was On my Way because I’m not really a singer. I found what my voice really could do.”

 What’s next for Jackie Jones? What are you planning for 2016 that you can share with us

“Right now we’re in the process for making videos for some of the songs from 02126. I’m about to start working on my next project. Right now were just staying focused and keeping our head above water, staying motivated. There’s no chill time in todays industry . We’re just trying to stay consistent with new music and media or your just going to drown in the pool of water. We’re just going to keep it moving through 2016.”

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