Exclusive: Van Cardo Interview

JonFromJersey, 2 years ago

This past week we were able to chat with NY rising star Van Cardo, who has been on a tear to start off 2017. Check out his new hit single “Banger” with Rich The Kid, as well as the full interview below:

Q: First things first, for those unaware, where are you from?

A: Bronx, New York
Q:  How has your hometown influenced your style as an artist?
I try to show lyrical ability when I’m writing because this is the East Coast and we are held to a certain standard at times, but other than that I’d say my shit is just too different than what’s going on here in the city
Q: Who were some of your inspirations growing up? What artists helped shape you as an artist yourself?
A: 50 centMicheal Jackson. MJ music developed my ear for music, 50 made me wanna learn how to rap, “The Massacre” and “Get Rich or Die Trying” was my first CD’s as a kid. My homeboy gave them to me to listen and I never gave it back, they belonged to his big brother but I made them mine. Those albums made me love rap. I started listening to words closely dissecting them and trying to understand everything, the rhyme patterns etc. 
 Q: You recently collaborated with Rich The Kid on your hit single “Banger”. How did that collab come about?
A: Mr. Too, official shout out to him, he heard a joint and he liked it. I sent it to him and he manage rich so that’s how that happened
 Q: Who do you see yourself working with down the road? Anybody that’s doing they thing and have they own sound .
A: When it come to the majors artists I wanna work with Young La Flame, Super Future, Post Malone, anybody that’s  killing it. Anybody that I listen to that reaches out basically we gunna work
Q: Name your favorite moment of 2016 as an artist. Possibly, the highlight of this past year if you will.
A: When I came on radio, I still got a record on there
Q: Describe your style of music in your own words.
A: Melodic, bar spitting but minimal, chill, lately I been penning words that’s gunna get girls attention and listen more
Q: What are your goals for 2017?
A: A buzzz,  a huge fan base and a fire ass project
Q: Whose your favorite artist to work with? Are there any produces you prefer working with?
A: I don’t have any fave artists to work with at the moment but I do scout for producers online especially YouTube. I don’t wanna drop they keys just yet
 Q: Finish the following sentence: In 5 years Van Cardo will______
A:______dominate the billboard chart with every song/project he records.
Van Cardo – “Banger” (feat. Rich The Kid):
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