Famey – “Crowns And Confidence” (Album Stream + Interview)

Bryan Montesano, 3 years ago
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This past summer I was given the opportunity to intern for Platinum Sound Recording Studios,
a premier recording studio in the heart of Times Square, NYC. To work alongside some of the best in the business was an experience I’ll forever be grateful for. The amount of creative minds that step into Platinum is overwhelming in the best way and the people I’ve met and the relationships I’ve made will stick with me as I continue my career.
With that all being said, there was one person I met whose creativity shined brighter than the rest and it’s all a testament to his artistic ability. With a brand new album released earlier this month, I’d be remiss to not present you all with the musical stylings of Famey.
Born in Philadelphia, PA, Famey is a hip-hop artist whose made his way to NYC under a recording/production contract with Grammy award-winning music producer, Jerry ‘Wonda’ Duplessis. Having already accomplished many feats, including but not limited to opening up for Jadakiss’ Top 5 Dead Or Alive Tour, opening up for Consequence’s Movies On Demand Tour, and performing at Hot 97’s Who’s Next Showcase, Famey is ready to take it one step further with the release of his brand new album, Crowns And Confidence.
The album released on January 6th, 2017, which also happens to be Famey’s birthday, which also happens to be Three Kings Day. And no, this wasn’t just a coincidence.
Coming in hot at 8 tracks, Crowns And Confidence is Famey’s best work to date, backed by his lyrical flow and knack for production and melody. According to Famey, he used references & samples from negro spirituals, and tribal music for the slave aspect.
“It was important to fusion regalia with the idea of being a young black male / king living in today’s world.”   

Photo Courtesy Of Famey 

Throughout the album, Famey brings along some members of his inner circle. Whether it’s beautiful melodies from Kalipop, or hard-hitting features from Josh Duplessis and Leo Vega, the collaboration between these close friends goes to show that sometimes mixing business with pleasure works.
Stream Crowns And Confidence above via Soundcloud and be sure to check out what Famey had to say about the project in my interview with him below!
Bryan: Where did the idea come to drop the album on your birthday? 
Famey: Well my birthday is the same day as a holiday celebrated by Christians called “Three Kings Day.” In this holiday it’s said that three wise men traveled from distant lands to bring the “new born King” (Jesus) gifts. One of these gifts was Gold. I like to associate Gold with myself because it represents royalty.
Bryan: What does Crowns And Confidence mean to you… why that name? 
Famey: Confidence is always something I had growing up. It’s part of who I am. Without confidence, I wouldn’t be able to do the things that I do today because confidence is what it takes. The Crown complex is something I got from my Father. He always instilled encouraging words into me, teaching me the proper way to carry myself, as a reigning King would do for a future King. These teachings also molded who I am today. When my Dad passed away, this made me feel as though I was left with the crown and the throne: Wearing the Crown and reigning with confidence.
Bryan: How did the writing process go for this album and how is it different from your other work?
Famey: The writing on this project is much more “touchy” than my other work. Stronger lyrical content was an aim of mine for this. The main angle I wanted to take was “little black boy prospering”. You hear the struggles, desires, frustrations, passion, pain & triumphs of this little black boy, not only in the music, but in the lyrics.
Bryan: Being around you for a few months, it’s clear that you’re more than an musician. So , how would you describe yourself.. Who is Famey Miscellaney? 
Famey: Picture a conductor that painted a promo image for a show. Imagine you went to the show and he came out on stage in a jacket designed by himself. Wrote the music RIGHT in front of you, and then played the instruments himself. While the instruments play they’re recorded parts by themselves, like magic, he starts singing opera. The opera features some his favorite fellow opera singers; they assist him in singing the story of the opera, which he wrote. The show finishes, people applaud. A few days later, the show is available on the internet, hosted by his website, which he constructed & created the graphics for. After he releases that, he walks outside and deals with life like everyone else; until it’s time to throw the jacket back on. That’s me. I’m that conductor.
Bryan: What is your favorite track off the album?
Famey: My favorite track would have to be “POWER”, simply because of the raw emotion that it holds. I cried while recording it. The music was effortlessly created. That record carries a living, breathing entity. It captured a moment, and EVERYONE can feel it when they hear it. People think I titled it that because of the sample; I titled it that because that’s what that record has over the listener.. POWER.
Bryan: What do you want people to take away from this album? 
Famey: A feeling that there has been a birth of something. A feeling of a new formed complex, a new demeanor for THEMSELVES. To feel crowned, to feel confident. I made all of the music sound grand so that whoever feels small can play this out loud, or in their headphones and feel like they’re giants. We all wanna shake the ground with our movement.
Bryan: Have you had a chance to perform any tracks live yet ? Which one is, or which one do you expect to be the most fun? 
Famey: I’ve performed “POWER” once already in Macon, Georgia for an intimate audience. I expect “Training Waters” to be the most fun. It’s energy is undeniable.  
Bryan: Do you feel like you’ve grown as an artist up to this point… whether that be your lyrics, production, etc.?
Famey: Most definitely. I’ve set a new bar for myself. This is the greatest I’ve ever felt as a producer.
Bryan: What’s next for Famey?
Famey: Next is more shows and more content. I’ll be having some more art exhibits in the future as well; I’m excited about that. I look forward to integrating my musical art with my visual art. Everything is a movie from here on out.
You can follow Famey on Twitter here, and on Soundcloud here.
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