Fifi Rong – “Future Never Comes”

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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With a uniquely delicate vocal range and a production style that could make you swoon, London-based Fifi Rong has proven herself an artist to watch, and her latest video for soon-to-be-released single “Future Never Comes” doesn’t disappoint; it only excels.

The track begins with a grandiose swell of a dark and gothic melody, accented with Fifi’s luscious voice working as ambiance, until the vocals lurch into focus. In fact, a cinematic comparison is not out of place for this track, which surges with emotion and crafts layered soundscapes that invite images. Perhaps this is why the video, directed by Paris Seawell, feels so apt. The kaleidoscope overlay of Fifi Rong as she sings adds a percussive texture, while smokey and celestial images provide a backdrop. The movement is in perfect time with the track, an electronically choreographed accompaniment.

“Future Never Comes” drops November 4th. To hear more from Fifi Rong — who is currently producing her forthcoming album — check out her Soundcloud, or follow her on Facebook and her website.

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