Fitzroy – “Howhoe”

Paula Truscott, 4 years ago

“What’s that sample?” was the first question I had when hearting Howhoe by Fitzroy. The French beatsmith has a knack for rap-sampling (check out Shawty, his soulful version of Nas’ You Owe Me) but this time he uses an unfamiliar source, an obscure track entitled I Like This Bitch, by Da Boss & Wrath. Apart from lyrics hosted by an Albanian music blog, I couldn’t find any OG audio or reference at all. Nonetheless, Fitzroy’s version is a mean low-key turn up tune that will later have you strutting the streets muttering “who’s this bitch, i wanna fuck this bitch” just like Da Boss all night long.

If you’re a fan of Soundcloud and reimagining rap music, check out Fitzroy’s healthy profile. He’s a good buddy of fellow Frenchie Stwo – if you’re down with the sound then have a listen to their collabs Money Tree$ & NOIMSAYN.


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