Friday AKA Ricky Dred – “After Hours” (New Sick Music Premiere)

Kaitlin Ruether, 3 years ago
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Friday AKA Ricky Dred has always been a musician of stark images. Perhaps this comes from his wealth of experience both on the streets and in the entertainment industry, but there is no doubt that much of his success is tied to his talent. With smooth flow and haunting melodies, Friday is able to create memorable sonic moments. “After Hours” is no exception. While the song delves into the struggle of life on the streets and the conflict that Friday faces as his life changes, the video plays with images that seem rooted in isolation. We get to see a house party from a new angle, an after hours angle, with a significant portion of the video artfully moving through the next morning. I had the opportunity to talk to Friday about the video for “After Hours”, which was directed by award winning director Cazhmere.

The video for “After Hours” seems to have an emphasis on isolation that pairs well with the lilt of the melody and the increasing agitation that comes through in the lyrics. How much of the video concept were you able to control?

The concept was a collaboration of ideas from my regular director Sid Melo. I then brought the idea director Cazhmere so she can add on to it with the gloss. Plus the fact that she’s an award winning director really helps. 

How was the experience of shooting the video?

It was a great experience working with Cazhmere, we had fun a lot of laughs and the cast was very professional. Even the staff at the hotel gave me a break and didn’t charge me extra, knowing we were shooting a video. 

How personal is “After Hours” for you?

I’ve spent A LOT of time in after hours over the years so I relate all too well. After hours can happen anywhere as long as you have a will to party after the party.

What projects do you have on the horizon?

I am working on a new EP called Night Shift completely produced by Phat Tony and my YouTube channel is growing its subscribers at a rapid rate. My show E.Y.E. Am Nocturnal TV is doing great and the food and music reviews are getting great response. Please subscribe at

To keep up with Friday AKA Ricky Dred and all his current projects, check out his website, Facebook page, and SoundCloud. And of course subscribe to his YouTube page for great E.Y.E. Am Nocturnal content.

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