Fwdslxsh x TEK.LUN – “Chinatown”

Paula Truscott, 5 years ago
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When you’re up at an ungodly hour, turnt AF and you’re hungry for two thousand of something, there’s one place you go – Chinatown. Every major city has their own little late-night version, including London, which is where producers Fwdslxsh & TEK.LUN teamed up to record this awesome little oriental gem. The two beatmakers are both rostered to HW&W Recordings, a North American label full of top-notch talent including the likes of Stwo, Gravez & Ta-ku, so it makes total sense that this particular collab would be filthy.

If you’re all like Huh? What? Where? looking for fresh beats and the like, check out HW&W on Soundcloud. While you’re there, follow Fwdslxsh and sample some of TEK.LUN’s treats, too.

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