Here's something you probably didn't expect to see today: G Herbo and Joey Bada$$ teamed up on a Metro Boomin' track, "Lord Knows."

G Herbo – Lord Knows (feat. Joey Bada$$)

Natalie Barman, 5 years ago
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Here’s a track that you probably never expected: a G Herbo and Joey Bada$$ collab, produced by Metro Boomin’. Their new song, “Lord Knows,” led to a surge in heated SoundCloud comments, such as “joey changed…. i knew it” and “joey needa go back to his old ways wtf this.” That’s some strong feels over Joey making a trap song.

Is the song actually good? I think that depends on whether or not you like trap music. Joey sheds his lyrical skills, which is probably why so many of his fans are dissing the song in the comments. G Herbo (a.k.a. Lil Herb) actually takes the lyrical cake: he doesn’t play around with his words, but he talks about real things that he’s struggling with, which is more than Joey does. The Metro Boomin’ beat is, well, a Metro Boomin’ beat.

Listen to “Lord Knows” above.

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