Galapaghost – I Never Arrived (Album)

Kaitlin Ruether, 4 years ago
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The roots of Galapaghost (and therefore Casey Chandler) travel from Woodstock, New York to Italy to Brussels, Belgium and back to Austin, Texas. The wordly group creates sounds of folk, mixed with ambient alternative, and add a hint of experimental Americana to the mix. Listen, for example, to the complex guitar harmonies in “Mazes in the Sky” or “Vitamin D”, and contrast that against the lyrical focus of “Salt Lake City” and the ironically titled (and cleverly written) “The Greatest Roommate”. The diversity is true.

On I Never Arrived there is darkness (album highlight “Science of Lovers”, of which you can watch the video here, is an example) and there is light, as found in the shift on title track “I Never Arrived” which blends melancholy into something sweet through instrumental transition. There is a certain dreaminess in the harmonies and outro of “Somewhere”, but a concreteness to the honesty in “Bloom” which was co-written by Federico Puttilli.

Despite the title, I Never Arrived does arrive at a conclusion that embraces both love and death. The short and sweet “Our Place” grows in scope throughout the song, a songwriting choice that Galapaghost has proven to be a strength.

To hear more from Galapaghost, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, and SoundCloud pages.

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